Earn free grocery rewards

Earn Points Towards Free Groceries* with Ralphs Rewards

The Prepaid Debit Card with Ralphs Rewards gives you unlimited rewards. Here's a sampling of how your points can add up quickly and easily in one month:

1 Point

for every net $2 you spend on everything outside of Ralphs Stores

$300 to pay your bills


150 points earned
2 Points

for every net $1 you spend on eligible purchases inside our stores

$250 to pay your groceries


500 points earned
3 Points

for every net $1 spent on eligible purchases of Ralphs family of brands

$120 for our brand products


360 points earned

For every 500 points, receive $5.00 in free groceries

$670 for the things you need


1,010 points
$10 in free groceries

Earn points faster the more you use your card!
Every 500 points you earn = $5 in free groceries.

You must scan the back of your Reloadable Prepaid Debit Card each time you make a purchase in a Ralphs store to ensure you receive all eligible Rewards Points.

How to Redeem Ralphs Rewards*

Accumulated points are exchanged for Ralphs Rewards e-certificates that are automatically loaded to your Ralphs Rewards Prepaid Card quarterly when you have earned a minimum of 500 rewards points (worth $5) and are redeemable for purchases at Ralphs stores. For Example:

Earnings Between

January – March

April – June



Loaded to Card





To use your Ralphs Rewards e-certificates, scan the bar code on the back of your Reloadable Card when making purchases in our stores. Your cashier will remind you when you have Ralphs Rewards e-certificates available.

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